DFS referrals

I have a namespace with 2 shares on 2 DCs in 2 different sites
\\HQDC01\share7 in HQSITE

All user shortcuts access the files in the shares by UNC paths to the domain share
EG: \\DOMAIN\share7

I understand if the user types in \\hqdc01\share7 from a workstation in the BRANCHSITE it will refer to \\branchdc02.

Is it possible to stop this referral?
I only want the referring to work if the user types the \\domain\share7 path. Not if they type the fqdn path.

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Daniel HelgenbergerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hm, ok - did not read your question completely. Your file servers are both DCs!

Since they are DC's they will always act as DFS root, they also point to \\yourdomain.

I know of no way to change this behavior*, since they basically 'are' the DFS. You can also access all your DFS folders by putting in a domain controllers name instead of \\yourdomain. This way you make sure to access that particular root.

* Not true, this works of course with fileservers that are domain members. But you may be unable to change this.
Daniel HelgenbergerCommented:
If you use the static UNC path to the server you will always end up on that server.
Since you do not use DFS paths, DFS will be completely circumvented if you use server direct paths.

At least I can verify this on our site with or AWS VPC. The lag has to come from Oregon ;)

And I know of no way to stop the normal UNC path since DFS works ontop of that.
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antoniokingAuthor Commented:
Hi helge000
Thanks for the reply, this doesn't seem to be the case for my domain.
When typing the unc path of the HQDC01 from the BRANCHSITE site it displays the folder contents of BRANCHDC02
Daniel HelgenbergerCommented:
I am quite sure this is not the normal behavior.
Can this be a DNS issue? Do 'nslookup's of these servers point to the correct one at both sites?
antoniokingAuthor Commented:
No errors in DNS, and NSLOOKUPS to each DC from each site works fine.
antoniokingAuthor Commented:
Ok, thanks Helge000.
Makes sense to me!
Daniel HelgenbergerCommented:
And I just want to add:
Your DFS implementation is of course NOT recommended because of this behavior among other things. It might be your whole DFS is not working correctly.

Change this by deploying file servers that are not domain contollers
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