Hyper-V lab setup - same name / same IP

Hyper-V lab setup - same name / same IP

I already have a Win 2008 r2 host running Hyper-V and I need to setup a virtual lab environment that duplicates my environment in order to thoroughly test an accounting software update which has some major changes which may/may not work for us.   I'll be using 4 virtual machines....
DC   = a dc/dhcp/dns server primarily for authentication ,
ACCT = an acct/db server,
RS   = a reporting server and
WIN8 = a Windows 8 client vm
The Win8 client will connect to the other to the other 3 virtual servers for testing this upgrade as a typical machine.  Except for the Win8 machine, the virtual machines in the lab cannot be on the same LAN as the production network.

I need to take copies of the production machines which are currently running in VMware to convert to my virtual lab with exactly the same name and same IP address and I am planning on using 5nine's free VMware to Hyper-v converter.

 I can't realistically change the LAN settings as there are multiple software settings with the acct server and reporting server that use the same name and IP address....and since I expect to be running a few of these tests, I'll need to run through the conversion and setup several times - trying to change name and IP settings would not only be a pain, it could effectively change our testing and some of the reports to design.)

Part#1 - The most important issue though is to use the same name and IP addresses AND have a few different users on the production LAN (at seperate times) connect to the Win8 client vm via RDP to test in the lab environment.   Is it possible...and how can I setup the Win8 client so that ONLY that vm can connect to both the production and the lab environment?  What's the best way to do this ?

Part #2 - If all the above works - ideally it would be helpful to communicate with the outside internet for updates and remote acctg support though this is not as critical if we can double hop RDP sessions from Win8 client to one of the other servers.   The Hyper-V host has one NIC on the same LAN as the production machines and has a seperate 2nd NIC I'll use for vm's.    If I get to the point where I can get internet on the Lab environment,  from an outside router we use a Cisco ASA5510 to provides NAT to our internal network on a layer 3 switch.   With the layer 3 switch, I could seperate to a VLAN, but obviously I can't seperate LANS which are on the same subnet.    If I figured out how to do it, I also could use an old Cisco router for NAT'ing and another switch between the Hyper-V host NIC and production switch if necessary.
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Schnell SolutionsSystems Infrastructure EngineerCommented:
Part 1. You already know most of the things that you need to do. Be aware, before transforming your VM to HyperV, take note of the networking TCP/IP details,.

If posible before, but is there is not other way make it after: Uninstall the VMWare tools for the VM and install them the HyperV Integration tools, you'll need to reconfigure your network properties again as far as the OS will detect new NICs

In order to connect your client to both networks, one way is that you créate a second virtual network adapter to the client computer and configure it to connect to the other network. Preferable use a very closed route to communicate with the destination computer

Part 2. There is not problema configuring Internet Access to your VMs as far as the HyperV Interface is connected to a network that can connect to the Internet and that you configure the correct Virtual Switch

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