Creating Photo Collage using photoshop - jpeg file is not recognised at printshop

I have created a photo shop file placing cropped images onto a very large canvas which I would like to smooth the transition between all these images and then prepare for printing at  Boots etc.  This I have done, merging all layers and saving as a jpeg photo.
However when I take it down to BOOTs for printing the jpeg file is not recognised by their print machines.  Any help as to possible causes or fixes
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Scott Fell, EE MVEDeveloper & EE ModeratorCommented:
Did you "'save as" jpg or "Save for web". If saved for web, did you choose progressive?  That does not work with some systems.  

Did you have Image > Mode as RGB or CMYK?  I just noticed you can have it in cmyk and still save as a jpg and embed SWOP.  I think any other device expecting a jpg is looking for RGB.  

What was the final size of the file?  Do they have limitations?

Did you save the file as another format but give it a jpg or jpeg file extension?

Did you leave out the file extension all together and the system is expecting a jpg or jpeg extension and can't recognize it is a jpg with out the file extension?
What Padas has said needs to be checked, but I think one of two things is happening.

1 the actual file you created is corrupted (stray gamma rays, damaged sector, network error, whatever). The corruption prevents the file opening and not printing.

2 the file you save might be a jpeg200 file which has limited compatability, if this is the case save the file a a standard JPEG.

I wouldn't think the colour space is an issue, but he colour depth might be. if you have been working in 16 bit RGB the print shop may not be able to read the file. You can check this in your working Photoshop file. if the file is 16bit RGB convert the PSD to 8 bit and then save your JPEG.

The print shop should give you some guidance as they can see the error.
RartemassLife CoachCommented:
Does it have to be a jpeg?
Seeing how you have done the hard work in creating the image I would preserve the details as much as possible and save as a TIFF. Any decent printing shop can recognise TIFF files.

Failing that you have PDF as a fall back format.
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David BruggeCommented:

I would suggest a PDF over a TIFF.

True, any "decent" print shop can handle a TIFF, but they are actually getting harder to find, whereas PDF's have become the default print exchange format for printers.


That being said, many online shops specializing in printing digital images only accept jpegs. I agree with Ratemass that you would want to save the quality of your images so look around. If you absolutely have to submit your work as a jpeg, be sure to convert your file's color profile to sRGB if it is not already, then save a jpg using the highest quality setting.
EirmanChief Operations ManagerCommented:
Try opening the JPG in an another editing program such as the free Irfanview (, then make a tiny imperceptibly small change and save the file as a jpg. This will most likely remove any corruption or incompatibly issue.
I've looked at the Boots site to see if there are any technical how-to's or specifications. It doesn't seem like the site has any.

googling I found

I don't believe that the print shop will be able to help. You could go to another service provider, perhaps one specialising in photography and photographic prints. I don't want to be down on Boots as I use a similar service in Australia, which when anything unusual happens seem me going to a print shop for the work.

A case of horses for courses.

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ddefreitasAuthor Commented:
Apologies for the lengthy time to repsond to all expert suggestions.  I have experimented with the suggestions given and have ultimately managed to get a printed version.  Thank you all for contributions and as I can't pinpoint an exact solution I have awarded the points across all.  Hope that is ok, thanks again.
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