Visual Studio Deployment Project with SQL Scripts to install


I am using a program in Visual Studio 2010 which needs some SQL Databases and tables required to run the application. I have setup the Installer for this project using Visual Studio 2010 Deployment and Setup project. The project is creating the Setup.exe and Setup.msi file and I can install the application from fine.

The issue with this is, I can't install the SQL objects like Databases and Tables required for this application. I can't Do this manually. I want to use Visual Studio Packager to install this using Scripts. Please help me to get a solution.

I found a way that we can create "Custom Dialogs" for the installer and the installer will popup the dialog while setup going on. But I can't do this for SQL. Can you help me to create an SQL page for entering Servername, User, Password, etc.

Please help me on this regard.

Thank you
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CodeCruiserConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Generally speaking, InstallShield would provide more functionality than VS as they are the specialists. See if following works for you
>But I can't do this for SQL. Can you help me to create an SQL page for entering Servername, User, Password, etc.

Why not? You can create a dialog to get those details from user and then launch an executable with those details to run the scripts.

You can also get your application to run the scripts if it finds out that the database is not setup.
gopalvAuthor Commented:
Thanks CodeCruiser.  To give you some background, we have thus far been using Installshield for our setup packages and there is a built in dialog box within IS that does all this. All we need to do is to enable it. It then takes care of the getting the credentials from the user and executing the scripts we add to the package.

I was checking to see if there is a similar option in VS deployment tool but I guess not. We discussed the option you suggested (launching from a separate executable)  but wanted to check if there was a "built in" feature that we were missing.

Thanks for your response.
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