Backup Exec 2010 R3 errors when running an Incremental Backup.

Good afternoon, we currently have a backup server running Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise Edition, which has Backup Exec 2010 R3 installed.

At the moment, we have a deduplicated job which runs daily and runs on a data store containing around 320 GB worth of data.

Due to the backup task takes 6 hours and a further 9-10 hours to verify, we are looking at weather the backup process would be quicker running a FULL (weekly) and incremental (daily) backups would be more effective.

However, to ensure no data backups are interupted, I have in the early hours of the day, our daily dedup backup run, with the verify task disabled, of which is a time window to run a FULL backup.

When doing this, the job runs and I can see it lock out the virtual disk, but gets to around 20k and then the following error occurs in the event log:

"This media server is licensed to support a storage array with a single enclosure. However, there are one or more storage arrays with multiple enclosures attached. You must take these storage arrays offline, and then remove the additional enclosures.

To use the Storage Provisioning Option across multiple enclosures, you can purchase the Storage Provisioning Option license for unlimited disks.

Refer to the Customer Pricing and Licensing Guide at the following URL for more information:".

has anyone see an error like this before an know of a solution?

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S00007359Cloud Engineering OfficerCommented:
disbale the verify option, it always takes twice the time to backup!
Thomas RushCommented:
It's NOT bad to have verify on, if you can afford the time.

You might want to move to weekly full + daily differential backups, which let you restore from the last full plus only one intermediate job -- somewhat of a "best of both worlds" -- much quicker than all fulls, much more simple (and often reliable) restores than full+incremental.

Are you saying that your job works if verify is on, but fails when you turn it off?   Are the target disks the same physical and logical disks in both cases?   Is it possible you're doing something other than changing the verify flag?

Backup vendors often do have, er, "interesting" licensing...  but whether you're running a full or an incremental or have verify on or off shouldn't change that.
ccfcfcAuthor Commented:
S00007359, this would be a suitable option, but due to the data being customers data, it is essential that the Verify task ensures all true data is there and that the data can be restored should it ever need to be.


Our primary concern is if the the whole dedupe job takes more than 24 hours, which could be possible as the data store grows daily.

The storage array is the same physical array which Backup exec uses the same logical array for both the dedupe and incremental backups.

The job doesn't work regardless of the status of the verify task attached to it. Im not too sure what you mean by 'Verify flag'?

Thanks for your responses.
ccfcfcAuthor Commented:
All, turns out the error was laid with the location of the backup-to-disk folder.

The backup to disk folder was located in the same directory as the dedupe folder. Moved, but kept the directory on the same disk and this seems to have resolved the issue.

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ccfcfcAuthor Commented:
In the end logged a ticket with Symantec for a second time and they were able to direct me this time to a solution.
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