Recover LPAR profiles after a crash of a server.

OK wmp,

Let me explain you one of our headaches at the center. We have two identical  power 702 servers (PS702_1 and PS702_2) on a bladecenter H. We have separated 50 differents   productions between this two servers (25 x 25)

But, what if PS702_1 does down, dead and can be started again? How can I create ASAP the 25's LPARs from PS702_1 in PS702_2?

I think manually is almost impossible to get all WWNs, etc etc.

Which is the solution to my problem? Systems plans on two PS702 server?

From a PS702_1 system plan can I restore all 25 LPARs into PS702_2 wihout affect LPARs in PS702_2?

Which is your opinion about this?

Thanks tons!!
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I think there is bad news.

When using a HMC you can well deploy partition information from one system plan  into another managed system without affecting the existing partitions.
There is a "Deploy System Plan" wizard to assist you with this task and to make the modifications which might be necessary. If the plan contains operating system or VIOS provisioning info then this can be used to install an OS or to provision the LPAR.

But - not on IVM!.

Here the logical partitions that currently exist on the managed system must also exist in the system plan, otherwise the plan will be rejected and cannot be deployed.

So if and only if you had a complete system plan at hand, containing all 50 partitions then you would be able to incrementally deploy the missing LPARS.
This means that you must have (or have had) a system with all 50 LPARS configured to create this big system plan from it.

A backup of the existing partition configuration (bkprofdata) can only be restored into an empty system, as well as an IVM backup (backupios) or a VIOS backup (viosbr).

Sad to say, but I'm not aware of any other way to add partitions to an IVM managed system besides the GUI or command line scripts.


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sminfoAuthor Commented:
and what about SDMC? I think it should be the same as HMC..

Although we have IVM for other client, the question was, and I forgot to say it, on SDMC..

So, if HMC = SDMC , I have to:

1- on PS702_1 create a new system plan and save it somewhere.
2- on PS702_2 create a new system plan and save it somewhere.

In case PS702_1 crashed, I can deploy on PS702_2, with the wizzrd you said above,  the corresponding file and restore all 25 LPARs from PS702_1 without impact the local LPARs?

bad news for us because we have more than 7 IVMs nowadays..
I don't know if HMC = SDMC.


This is what they say on the Web:
However, you cannot deploy a system plan to a managed host if the managed host has virtual servers that are not also in the system plan.

Doesn't sound good.

I never used SDMC and never will (did you know that IBM gave up the SDMC concept in favor of Blade Management by HMC, starting with HMC level 7.7.7 or so?)

Anyway, just start the SDMC GUI, go to System Plan Deployment (wherever this might be) and click on "Help".
They should tell you there what they're able to do or not to do.

Good luck

There is another tool I never used - the SPT:

Using this tool you can obviously design a system "offline" and create a deployable system plan from this design.

So you could build a 50 LPAR system exactly corresponding to your environment and make a system plan out of this construct.

When one Blade crashes and dies  then deploy your big system plan on the one which is still alive.

Sounds like a heroic adventure though ...
sminfoAuthor Commented:
OK, so only with HMC you can deploy  (import)  a system plan from other system without problem...isn't?

Thanks for your perfect answers to this forum....
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