how much can computer hold

I store my interests on my computer.
I subscribe to to listen to books while I paint.
As I belong to several book club discussion groups and as I have paid for these, I am reluctant to wipe them, as I might want them again.
I take photographs for reference for my paintings.
I have my family albums of course, and reference images, totalling nearly 15,000.

Does or when does the computer reach full capasity?
When I tried to download from my camera into iphoto yesterday, the computer shows the images but does not have a working accept button to click . [it is in ghost.]

My computer is attached to a hard drive, that flashes about 2 and a bit flashes of 5 possibles. So I take it that it is about half way.

My iphoto is not on my desk top, and nor is itunes for the books.
I mention this as I heard [radio?] that only what's on the desk top gets saved. Is this true?
Or is that for one of the other companies that I've bought into?

I work on my Macbook all the time, and am constantly refering to the images.
I realise I might need to do 'something', - if so, what various options do I have, particularly for easy access while I am working.

How do I make the computer download these images.

My computer is refurbished and about 9 years old!!! and still going!!!! Was my son's first apple, passed on to me.    :)
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You need to realize that your information (photos, videos, programs, etc) are stored on your computer's hard drive. To check how much space is available:

1. Click your hard drive's icon. This is typically labeled "Macintosh HD."
2. Press "Command-I" from your keyboard. The Get Info dialog box will open.
3. Click the "Arrow" next to General. Read the data next to "Available", which is the free space that remains on your hard drive.
How much your computer "holds", depends on the size of your harddisk, and the size of the files you are saving on it.

Also be aware that all harddisks will fail sooner or later. If that happens, you loose all the data on it. So you will need some sort of backup for your data. Backups are usually stored to externally attached disk (use more than one so you can rotate between them, as they can also break), and then after the backup is done, store them away from the PC until you need to make another backup to it. Also, if there isn't too much data, there are services like dropbox where you can save your data on.
As stevepcguy has said.

And to answer your question, the computer will reach full capacity once all the total size of saved data equals the size of the hard drive. This could take any amount of time depending on the size of files saved and the size of the hard drive.

Almost like asking how far will 1 tank of fuel get my car...impossible to give an immediate all depends on fuel tank size, engine size, efficiency, speed etc.

The flashing on your hard drive is the activty light and doesn't relate to the amount of space available. I might be wrong, but I've never known of a hard drive with a capacity indicator light.

If you've paid for and downloaded the book club discussion group files, I would assume these can be re-downloaded again from whichever website they come from.
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beavoidAuthor Commented:
Steve, thanks for suggesting this . . .
Mac OS Extended
Capacity: 465 . . .GB
Available: 304 . . GB
      Used: 160     GB on disk

So space is NOT the problem . . .

It really worries me that my computer will fail, and I lose my work .
The back up I do have, as I said is my external, - Seagate [2 terra bites]
Your advice of having several to rotate is one I will take. Thanks.

Thanks for your input, but it seems that space is not my problem -

To everyone . . .
So my real problem remains . . .

How do I down load from my camera to iphoto, which has suddenly stopped doing this action?
The 'accept' button does not click, and is in ghost form.
Why is my computer not downloading?
What is the device you are taking your photo's with? Maybe you need to re-install the software that came with it? Does it have a removable memory card? Have you tried transfering the pictures to another PC?
Please review the following video, making sure you are not missing any steps:

It reviews how to download pics from a camera to your mac. Perhaps you aren't selecting any photos. Maybe you're trying to save to an improper location, like a removable memory card that is no longer there (or full).
Martin LissOlder than dirtCommented:
beavoid, you say "My computer is refurbished and about 9 years old". It could be that your operating system is too old. Go to Apple|About This MAC. What version of OS X are you running?
beavoidAuthor Commented:
- My camera is a digital lumix Panasonic
I have used this brand of camera for about 10 years. Has  Leica lens. Excellent value. Always by from Costco. Comes with everything needed.
- I dont remember anything about software installation?
- Yes, has a memory card, but I delete every time I download. So only has about 20 images on it now.
- I dont have another PC, only my Mac.

I know how to download . . .  I have been downloading into the same iphoto for the last handful-plus of years, and have about 15000 images. A few days ago it suddenly stopped allowing this action.
The images all appear, but the 'accept' button does not click, although I can see it in ghost form.

My mac os x is Version 10.5.8 and still going strong.

Thank you all of you for trying to help.
I shall go to my computer store to see what they can do.
It is possible the camera's memory card is no longer OK. Such cards have a limited life-span. Try removing the card from the camera, and if your MAC has a card reader, try using that to copy your photo's. If it doesn't have a card reader, find someone with a PC that has one and try it there.

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