Migrate MS SQL dump (.bak) to MySQL

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I just got a .bak MS Sql dump from an old dead MS Sql server. How can I import the database in my MySQL server?

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Daniel HelgenbergerAsked:
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James MurrellConnect With a Mentor Product SpecialistCommented:
MySql have an application to import db from microsoft sql. Steps:

Open MySql Workbench
Click on "Database Migration" (if it do not appear you have to install it from MySql update)
Follow the Migration Task List using the simple Wizard.
My advice is to use a tool tons of them out there:


MySQL workbench
Daniel HelgenbergerAuthor Commented:
Thanks alot cs97jjm3!

I installed MySql  workbench by chance today and even used Database Migration in the past; never having anything to do with MS Sql in my career and just got this task in this moment I would not even remotely come to my mind to use MySql workbench for that. Works like charm!
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