copy permission from one server folder structure to another

New server going online almost done copying data over, is there a way to copy permission on the folder structure or do I have to create them over.
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You should be able to copy the data and the ACL complete in one go using Robocopy

Robocopy.exe /S /E /ZB /SEC

The /SEC is for security permissions
/S sub-diectories
/E Copy empty directories

ALternatively if you would not want to restart the copy activity get the ACL using ICacls.exe and pipe to text file then use this as input to recreate the ACL on new machine.

The sweetest being robocopy, everything one go.
robocopy /s /mir /E /SEC   (should work perfectly or try the any of the combinations below.

robocopy "flags" usage robocopy source  destination "filetype"

Copies files with security (equivalent to /copy:DAT).

Copies all file information (equivalent to /copy:DATSOU).

Specifies the file properties to be copied. The following are the valid values for this option:

D Data
A Attributes
T Time stamps
S NTFS access control list (ACL)
O Owner information
U Auditing information

The default value for CopyFlags is DAT (data, attributes, and time stamps).

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Pradeep DubeyConsultantCommented:
use robocopy :
command is

robocopy “source address” “destination address” *.* /mir /sec

see below link for more options:
You're already in the middle of copying? If that's the case then you'll have to set permissions  once the copy is done. Robocopy is nice as everybody noted above but of course you'll have to restart your data copy. How are you copying? Drag and drop or command line?
Most if not all backup software will save permissions - even windows ntbackup. So aside from robocopy you can use a backup piece of software to backup, then restore to new server.

Windows default copy/move permissions behavior below:

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