Windows could not connect to the group policy client service.

Our network server is Windows Server 2008 R2.  We have a series of wired and wireless clients that log on to the server.

all users can login on wired network can login.  However, on the wireless system, all users receive the following message:

"Windows could not connect to the group policy client service."  The laptop then reverts to the login screen.

Any ideas??
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jboddyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Does your wireless access point have security on it i.e. firewall?
Have you looked at :
Raj-GTConnect With a Mentor Systems EngineerCommented:
On top of what jboddy said...

1. Check to see if the wireless router is giving out the correct DNS servers to the clients (it should be AD DNS Servers)
2. Do you have "wait for the network before logon" option enabled in GPO?
3. Check to see if you have any policies that disable logon account caching?
Ricardo MartínezConnect With a Mentor Information SecurityCommented:
Login in your computer as a Local Administrator and at least check if you can ping to the AD Server, and also check that the DNS Servers are correct as raj-gt told you.
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freshfordianAuthor Commented:
Thank you Guys

I will do what you recommend today and let you know.
freshfordianAuthor Commented:
Hi Guys

1. DNS Server settings are ok
2. "Wait for the Network" GPO setting set
3. There are no policies set that disable logon account caching

I made another discovery.  I disabled wireless on the laptop and connected the laptop with the cable.  Same Problem!  Further Investigations revealed the following:

1. All users can logon successfully on any wired desktop machine.
2. All users can logon successfully on any laptop running Windows XP PRO (wired or wireless).
3. All users CANNOT logon - wired or wirelessly- on any laptop running WIndows 7 PRO.

The Windows 7 Pro laptops are on a Laptop trolley.  I have just learned that these laptops were ghosted from a single image recently.  Could be down to a bad ghost image???
Raj-GTSystems EngineerCommented:
It is possible. Can you try removing and rejoining the laptop to the domain and test? Also, are you able to browse the Internet from these laptops logged on as a local user.
freshfordianAuthor Commented:
Hi Guys
Sorry for my delay in responding to you. Looks like a bad ghost image.  Attempted what Raj-GT proposed.  Looks like the laptops' default User profile is corrupt. Re-ghosted 1 laptop with a new image and it's fine
freshfordianAuthor Commented:
ThMany Thanks Experts. Each of you have contributed to the resolution
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