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LINQ cast to collection classes

I'm looking for a on-liner fix to the following problem.

I have the following collection class

Public Class Authors
	Inherits Collection(Of Author)
End Class

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And a method to get some Authors

Dim myAuthorsCollection = AuthorModel.GetSomeAuthorDudes()

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I run some LINQ

Dim filteredAuthors = myAuthorsCollection.Where(function(p) p.authorTypeID=1)

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Now my problem, in the above example "filteredAuthors" is now an IEnumerable(Of Author), but I want to quickly get it back to an "Authors" collection.  Is there a simple way to do this, other than creating a new "Authors" collection and creating a for loop to add authors back to it?

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I think you may have to take the looping approach but you can write an extension method so that you just call that method and get the collection out.
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