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Dell Optiplex 7010 no sound

Dear expert,

My company is upgrading its desktop PCs.  The company purchased Dell OptiPlex 7010 small form factor desktops PCs.  The system comes with Windows 7 SP1.

However, the PC seems to have a problem with emitting no sound, unless you have a set of speakers.  If the user has a set of speakers, then they get sound; if the user does not have a speakers, then no sound is heard.

I have checked everything about the PC as it relates to sound and everything seems to be in good working order.  However, no sound comes out unless you have a set of speakers ...

... and not every user has a set of speakers.

Question #1:  Is this common for this type of Dell system, to have not sound, unless you have a set of speakers?  If so, then I'll have to try and convince management that we have to purchase a set of speakers.

Question #2:  If this is not common and sound should be heard even though the user has no speakers, what do I need to re-configure so sound is heard?

Question: #3:  Is this a problem with Windows 7 and this specific manufacturer's hardware?  We have Dell Latitude laptops with Windows 7 and I have had no problems with the sound.

Attached is a Word 2010 file that shows the device manager screen, the system properties screen and the volume control options screen.

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1 Solution
it will not come with speaker.you need to additionally add speaker or head phone.
your attachment shows your pc's sound drivers installed correctly.only you need to do add speaker. Normally pc's are coming with out speaker.
Joe Winograd - EE Fellow & MVEDeveloperCommented:
Answer #1: I don't have the OptiPlex 7010 Small Form Factor model, but according to the Owner's Manual, it can have a speaker. Take a look at the "Installing the Speaker" section on page 21 of the manual, downloadable here:

There's also a "Removing the Speaker" section on page 20.

Answer #2: Dell allows a great deal of customization on its machines, so I'm guessing (but that's all it is – a guess) that it's possible for some of the machines not to have the speaker installed. In order to hear sound without external speakers, you'll need to install the internal speaker, of course.

Answer #3: It is not a problem with W7. It is much more likely to be a problem with this specific hardware.

Your Device Manager looks good to me. As a side comment, it will be easier for the folks trying to help you if you embed screenshots directly in the post, rather than putting them in a Word file. Here's a simple, short article that explains how to do it:

And here's the result:
Device ManagerClick on the image above. Regards, Joe

Chances are, no. Dell does not put speakers inside the computer case itself (except for the the system speaker that "beeps" when you start up).that speaker gives beep sound in start up ,memory failed,..... error only.if you need actual audio ,you need to put extra speaker
sla0610Author Commented:
The answer was that internal speakers were not installed inside the desktops because my company ordered the desktops with the no internal speakers configured.

As it turns out, when my company entered into the contract with Dell to purchase new desk computers company-wide, the standard desktop configuration did not have the option to include an internal speaker.

After reading sanjayrajt's response, it made me realized that perhaps Dell did not include the internal speaker; (I thought that all desktops (no matter the manufacturer) were configured with an internal speaker).  After contacting Dell tech support, they confirmed that the internal speaker option was not included in the standard configuration on these desktops.

I contacted corporate IT, who contacted our Dell account manager about the issue.  The final result is that, for future desktop purchases, the contract was changed to include an internal speaker for all desktops.  As for the current batch of desktops that were previously ordered without the internal speaker, Dell and my company are looking into shipping me the internal speakers so I can install them -or- purchasing external speakers.

Thank you for your help ... it is very much appreciated.

Joe Winograd - EE Fellow & MVEDeveloperCommented:
You're welcome! I was very happy to help. Regards, Joe
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