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Hi Experts,

I needed to buy a couple of gift cards from BestBuy in order to make a few online purchases.

In QuickBooks, I first created a new vendor "Best Buy Gift Card", then when we bought the gift cards I credited this vendor. For the purchase, I debited the vendor and credited the actual expense.

Doing this, my vendor ended up with a balance of $0.00 as I expected. However, when I go under Pay Bills, I still see this vendor with a balance of the credits.

What do I do?
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Click on each bill to pay,  then click on the SET Credit button in the bottom section of the pay bill screen, a popup window will appear allowing you to check off the credit.
Click done,
move onto the next bill to pay  and set the credit again.  
Repeat until all the credit is applied.

When complete, the total of the amount to pay column should be zero.
To finish the entry, click pay bills button in lower right of screen
That will apply the credits
QB will pop up a new window saying that no check will be created.  

The next time you log into pay bill window, the bills will no longer appear.

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