Cannot run a command prgoram due to Privilege error

I am trying to figure out why I can't run this command program I was sent.
The  screenshot shows the error. I have allowed me/everyone privileges
for all the files in the folder but I still get the same error. I have an
older version of the file that works and checked the privileges and they are
the same so I am stumped. Please help.
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ls -l VastEncoder1.1.command

You should see permissions for this file of

Those three x's above mean that it is executable (on the command line) by the user owner, the group owner, and others.

If you don't see you do not have the execute rights.
KpklllpAuthor Commented:
Where should I see -rwxr-xr-x? Within the command script or after running a command?
What exactly would I need to enter into the terminal to check if I have permissions?
Open Terminal and change to the directory that the command file is in and type the command noted by the previous commenter--
ls -l VastEncoder1.1.command
You will see the permissions listed on the left side.
It is also possible the command is trying to write files to another directory that you do not have permissions for.
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