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Dell 1720dn Printer

I have a few Dell printers that is having a problem when printing it prints spotty on the page, changed the toner and it's the same problem. Other than the photodrum/conductor what else could cause this problem. Thanks
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The nozzle could be damaged. Try using a software to clean the nozzle. It also could be damaged or clogged print heads.
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Spotty printing could describe a variety of laser printer faults, can you describe it more? Is this a repeating pattern? Are the spots always in the same place? Are they black spots or white where toner is missing?  Could you print a page with the problem, scan and upload it?
All of this will help with the diagnosis.

However as rindi says bear in mind these are printers that are a) past end of like and b) where replacement parts if bought new will exceed the cost of a new equivalent machine.
TRANFER WIRE on laser printer causes too much toner usually part of a maint kit for a laser prt