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Query results not displaying correctly in subform

I have a query (MyQuery) that looks like this:

Select Field1, Field2, Field3, Field4 from My Table

When I run it directly, it correctly returns 4 columns of data.

I'm trying to display the query results in a subform on a main form.

When I do, only one column, namely Field4, of data is displaying

The source object of the subform is MyQuery

What am I doing wrong?
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What do you mean by subform here?
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I had originally created a subform that was displaying the entire contents of a table. I then attempted to change it to display the results of a query instead by changing the source object in the subform's properties window.  The query runs against the same table as was originally displayed in the textbox.

The table only has 4 fields.  But instead of displaying the entire table, I (eventually) want to display query results so they I can limit the number of records that get displayed.  

As a starting step, all I was trying to do at this point was to select all of the records from the table and have them display in the subform.  Just to see if I could get the query results to display. So actually, if it was working the way I want it to, the query results should be displaying exactly as if I was displaying the table directly since I'm selecting all records in the query.  I still have to read through everything you experts wrote, so I'll try to work it out and post again.
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OK. Got it working.  Thanks.