Quick Launch menu missing when using WFE in DMZ

I have 3 SP 2010 WFE servers, two behind the firewall and one in DMZ. I have a home page of a site that is missing the Quick Launch menu only when access through the DMZ WFE. How is that possible? It should be in the database and not related to the WFE server - right?
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Justin SmithSr. System EngineerCommented:
Unless you are using a custom page that is on the web server file system.  IN that case it may have not gotten deployed to the DMZ server.
Rainer JeschorCommented:
as ACH1LLES mentioned, it depends on where your files are loaded from.
The hard way would be to compare each and every file.

To start with I would check if the content of the quick launch is in the delivered HTML output and that the effect comes from simply setting the display:hidden of the quick launch via script ir CSS.
Do you access un both cases the web app with the same url?
Any file which does not get delivered/loaded (eg using Fiddler or Firebug)?
Which browser?

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MisUszatekAuthor Commented:
The page is served from the Site Pages library. The rest of the content on that page (several web parts) is displayed without any problems. Only the Quick Launch is missing when going through the DMZ from the public internet. I will keep looking into it. I used the same laptop with IE 9 in both situations...
MisUszatekAuthor Commented:
Other changes to the page were visible in all locations. As a workaround I just edited the page in DMZ while on VPN connection and it now works. Thanks for your time.
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