How to add a Exchange 2010 CAS Server to an Existing CAS Array

I'm running Exchange 2010 SP2 and I have two CAS Servers in my CAS Array.  How do I add a third CAS Server to that CAS Array?
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Antonio VargasConnect With a Mentor Microsoft Senior Cloud ConsultantCommented:
The CAS will be a part of the array as soon as you place it on the same AD site. CAS arrays are binded to AD sites. the second think you need to worry about is to add that third exchange CAS to the load balancer you are using for the CAS array. if you need help on that regard please specify the load balancer.

finally before adding the CAS to the array and load balancer make sure that the URL's match.
ideally you should use the same internal and external urls for all services (owa, web services, ecp, etc etc) and that name (i.e should point to the load balancer IP
James HaywoodCommented:
If the Exchange servers are in the same AD site they will automatically be added to the CAS array.
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