SQL Server Backup Destination List

I did a manual SQL backup by right clicking and bringing up the Back Up Database wizard.  Since I had never used it I just wanted to see if it was easier than a script.  It's not.

Now I cannot get the Destination List to clear.  I see the list populated from various machines so it does not appear to be local to the SSMS installation.

There is a picture attached for your viewing pleasure.

Not an emergency but just annoying me.

Thank you in advance,

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When you do a new manual backup, you could remove this path and put in the path to a more appropriate place, IE. not your C drive.

This path is then held and shows the next time you do a manual backup.

If you are at all interested the backup details are all stored in the system MSDB database.

As a look but don't touch task for you, put in the name of your DB in the last line of this script and you'll see a lot of information about the backups pertaining to that database....

USE msdb

FROM Backupset b JOIN dbo.backupfile f
ON f.backup_set_id = b.backup_set_id
JOIN dbo.backupmediafamily mf
ON mf.media_set_id = b.media_set_id
WHERE Logical_Name like '%YOUR DATABASE NAME%'
The backup location refers to the default location which was given at the time of SQL Server installation (along with data, log & tempdb; there is a backup location configuration)
As such, if you want to remove it permanently and keep another location, you need to make the changes at registry level. Goto
Here look for BackupDirectory and change to the required path

You can also change the registry key values using T-SQL. Please find the below link for full details of it:

Hope this helps!

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dboteAuthor Commented:
geek_vj, thanks for the tip.  I went away on a business trip came back and the list was cleared.  I'm not exactly sure how that happened but that's what happened.  I do know no one else would have been in SSMS.

To my recollection I had never done a manual backup like that before as I generally use a script.  I had looked in the registry but did not see anything relating to a Distribution List.  Your tip reference will be a good start if I ever decide to use that feature again.

Thank you!
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