Cognos Insight and Sharepoint 2010

I have a CDD document (Cognos Insight Workspace) in a Sharepoint library that only allows the user to save it. The option to open the document is not available. I do not want them to save the document. We are hoping to "publish" the workspace to our team site and have folks open the document to create their own views of the data.
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Rainer JeschorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
this is a security feature in SharePoint which disables direct opening of "unsecure" file types (e.g. PDF).
You can either completely disable / change the setting for all files (which I would never recommend) from Central Administration - just set Browser File Handling to "Permissive".

Or you use a Powershell script (has to be run on the SharePoint server through SharePoint Management Shell). As I could not find the exact mime type I would try to create a custom one  - you could use this link as reference:

Just create your own:
File name: .cdd
MIME Type: application/vnd.cognos-insight

$webApp = Get-SPWebApplication
If ($webApp.AllowedInlineDownloadedMimeTypes -notcontains "application/vnd.cognos-insight")
  Write-Host -ForegroundColor White "Adding CDD MIME Type..."
  Write-Host -ForegroundColor White "Added and saved."
} Else {
  Write-Host -ForegroundColor White "CDD MIME type is already added."

Open in new window

Then run an IISRESET on your server.

smolbeck367Author Commented:
This is great information. I will share with our SP team to see if they will make the change.
smolbeck367Author Commented:
I have a followup however, how come some users can use an access database link in SP to open it and others get the save message? If the security is at the server level this doesn't make sense to me.
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