File copy and disk space

Say a process is about to copy over a single 20 GB file and the SAN only has 10GB left. On a windows 2008 server does it start writing and when it runs out of space errors out or does it do a precopy sanity check that includes disk space check on target drive and errors out before writing anything?
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Ron MalmsteadInformation Services ManagerCommented:
I believe this depends on what program you are using to copy.
For example.. xcopy / robocopy / windows explorer
..if I'm not mistaken, I think every version of Windows will throw  an "Insufficient Disk Space" error when using windows explorer to copy/paste if not enoug space exists.  If you use a utility program,.. all the ones I know of will begin copying until you run out of space.
i think that windows calculates the space needed, and issues a warning - before starting the copy
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
On my experience it starts writing the data and does not do a preliminary check if the data will suit to the target drive.

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