Soho user with bad wifi coverage

I have a user who works from home . He has a dlink dir-825 connected to her isp but the signal isn't strong enough on the 3rd floor to provide fast internet speed for her son's gaming needs.
I am thinking of adding a repeater device on the first floor that will only be connected to power and that will relay the signal to the 3rd floor. I have checked on dlink website and it's not clear what device would be the best.

Anyone can tell me what would be dlink best repeater device in this situation where network speed is the goal.
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unknown_routineConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I'm a gamer myself. A Heavy gamer indeed .Wifi  Speed is not a huge factor  for online games, but some of so called high speed routers or extenders will create smalls lags. These are very very short disconnections from the server, but enough to ruin an online game. If you want to satisfy a gamer consider my advice above:

Securifi Almond
Stay away from Dlink as it has connectivity issues. "Especially Never use it for a user who is doing online compuer games".

In your scenario I would "highly" suggest :

Securifi Almond - World's 1st Touch Screen Wireless N Router + Range Extender + WiFi Bridge

You can buy this from
Don ThomsonCommented:
Any Device that can be set up as an Access point should work

Lately we have been using the EnGenius EAP9550 You just plug them in - connect a laptop to the rj45 port and log in to them as directed.

You can then set them on the same subnet as the Dlink router  and then scan - When you see your Dlink - chose that to connect to and they become a wireless repeater
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How about powerline networking? Plug one near the dlink with ethernet into that, one near the xbox/ps3 and ethernet into that. 100/200/500 Mbps link there you go without any hassle.
philjansAuthor Commented:
For the powerline, my user tried it and said there is performance issues?? But also would be nice for her laptop to have access from anywhere include the patio.
philjansAuthor Commented:
Do you know what would impair gaming performance, it surely isn't wifi speed: they can reach 300 and the internet link is about 10-20mb for this user.
gheistConnect With a Mentor Commented:
In order of ease ofimplementing:

Check coverage with inssider
Change channel to other in 1/6/11 (1/5/9/13 outside US) because wifi antenna measures wifi signal and ignores broke microwave oven and bluetooth headphones...

Place router 20cm(1ft) from anyobstructions and check again
Say wireless traversing 5cm wall at 5 degrees will need to pass 55cm of concrete (so dont expect good coverage right next to a wall access point is attached)

Would be logical to put wireless accesspoint somewhere in the middle of coverage ara (say 2nd floor out of 3)
DLINK isnot good at making firmwares, aftermarket firmwares offer more stable coverage.
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