XenDesktop 7 Power Management

We have a xendesktop 7 Desktop group with 250 machines.
It is a Dedicated Pool with changes saved on Local disk.

My question is about the power Management

Since there are 250  machines , how many machines should i see on during peak hours and how many should be on during on Peak Hours.

No user is using the desktop group as yet. I just need to know what is the value on On machines for Peak and Non peak hours for 250 machines

Once i get the value , how can i change the setting so that during peak hours only 5 machines should be on and during no peak hours only 2 machines should be on.
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basrajConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can turn on the machines on peak hours based on the demand and depends on the timezone. To manage the number of VM turned on or off during peak and off-peak hours, follow the instruction as mentioned below:

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