CF9.0.2 2nd instance Service Unavailable

I have a server with Windows Server 2008, IIS 7, Cf9.0.2 updated with all of the latest patches and hot fixes, multi server installation. I created a 2nd CF instance and cannot get the website to work. I get Service Unavailable when trying to hit the website. I created a test.html in the website's root directory and get same when I try to go to the html page. Any ideas are greatly appreciated. here is what I did to create the instance

- create newwebsite in IIS
- CF admin, Instance manager, create a new instance with the option to create a Windows service
- copy JRun4/bin/jvm.config to jvm2.config
- jrunsvc -remove {newly created service}
- jrunsvc -install CF instance 2 with -config full_path_to_jvm2.config
- WebConfig Tool to create connector for the new IIS website connecting it to the newly created Windows service from 2 steps above. I checked configure it for CF
- reboot
- went into IIS and checked the Handler mappings and the handlers for the cfm files are correct.

I am stumped. Any help is appreciated!

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ckercherAuthor Commented:
For whatever reason the Application Pool was stopped for the site that was connected to the 2nd CF instance. Starting the AppPool got rid of the service unavailable error but I have a different issue now. Thanks.
IIS should work out of the box with it's default website.

in I.E type http://localhost/

Do you see the  IIS  default page?

If No:

1: From IIS management screen(inetmgr.exe)  Restart the IIS.

2: If above fails go to control panel and in Add/remove programs  Uninstall and reinstall the IIS.
ckercherAuthor Commented:
I forgot to mention. I have 3 Coldfusion websites in in the 1st CF instance that work. It is the website in the 2nd CF instance that does not work.
ckercherAuthor Commented:
I found the answer through invetigation
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