Unable to install Epson TM-U950P

I'm having problems getting an Epson TM-U950P POS to work on my windows 7 SP1 PC,
I have tried the Epson Advanced Printer Driver 4.55 and it installs, but then I cant print anything, I think the problem is that I'm using an adapter for the parallel port to convert it to USB, and there doesn't seem to be any drivers that are actually for USB, just Parallel port.

I am told this is not a problem is I use XP, but I'm wondering if it is at all possible to get this to work on windows 7 64bit, using a Parallel port to USB converter.
Thanks in advanced
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I have had trouble with those adapters.  Try this one:



or if that doesnt work,  try EXTRACTING the drivers out of the install file and updating them through device manager.  Use a program like 7zip to extract the files
Diego_JaenAuthor Commented:
Hi Thank for the advice, I will try to extract the drivers with 7zip and see how that goes, I forgot to mention that my motherboard only has 1 PCIexpress slot, so I cant use a PCI parallel port.
Thanks again.
web_trackerComputer Service TechnicianCommented:
You will still need to setup the printer as a usb printer, since you have connected the printer with a parallel to usb converter. You have to select create a new port if the usb port is not shown in the dropdown. From there you should be able to install the printer drivers.
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when i have parallel printers to connect, i always use a PCI card, like WyoComputers said
you can also try the driver from windows update>optional drivers - and check it if it finds a driver for it.
if you don't find a driver - you'll have to run it in VM, or use a dual boot solution with XP
Diego_JaenAuthor Commented:
Hi guys,
I have finally solved my problem, I created a XP virtual machine and installed the printer there, now it wasn't as easy as that, you see all the drivers Epson provides force to create an Epson printing port, and that's keeps the printer from working at all when using the USB adapter, so the solution is to install the Epson Advanced Printer Driver version 2, this one doesn't require that Epson port, and will allow the printer to work properly on both printing slips and receipts. Thanks for all your help.

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Diego_JaenAuthor Commented:
this is how I fixed my problem
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