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Remote Desktop Services Roaming User Profiles

I have a windows 2008 R2 server network with 3 x servers all of them domain controllers
The domain functional level is 2003

I have setup a separate directory for the remote desktop services roaming profiles and set all the necessary shares and security rights. I have set the appropriate path for the remote desktop roaming profiles in the user's AD. The user in question also has a normal profile path that works fine and is a domain admin member.

The problem I am having is, that when logging this user into the server remotely, it does not save his profile to the RDP directory mentioned above. He does however get his normal desktop so I am assuming is it using the normal profile rather than create a new one in the roaming profile directory.

I have searched the web and find nothing specific to this problem. There is heaps of data on best practise of roaming profiles but my specific problem is with the remote desktop services roaming profile - the normal profile works just fine - to sum up, I have setup and configured the RDP profile but it is still using the normal one.

Can anyone please help?
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Thanks for your reply. I think you may have identified my problem. The server in question is not a specific terminal server and we have just been using one of the two imbedded TS sessions allowed with the operating system. All my other customers are using proper terminal servers.

I will take your advice and demote this server from its domain controller status and turn it into a proper terminal server. I presume my problem with RDP profiles will be solved. I Will keep you posted, I can’t do this during business hours, that coupled with international time differences it may be a day or so before I get back.
Thanks for your speedy reply – appreciate your help

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I carried out your suggestions as above and all is now well. Such an error on my part caused me a lot of grief. Thanks for your help.

I hope my suggestion has resolved your issue. If yes ,allocate points.
I thought I had, if I'm doing something wrong I apologise. I will try again by pressing submit

Hi Rusty,
I don't know what I did wrong last time, sorry if you thought I was trying for a freeby, certainly was not my intension. Thanks once again for your help