Integration Services disk on Guest OS (Server 2008 R2) not installing

Hi all-
I've created a guest os vm (server 2008 r2) in my hyper-v environment. I added the integration services disk to the cd-rom drive. When I try to run setup it comes back "integration services is already installed" yet it's not loaded the drivers and I don't see it in Program and Features. I'm pretty much perplexed so any troubleshooting assistance someone could give me would be much appreciated. By the way I have rebooted the vm several times and all windows updates have been installed.

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Ratnesh MishraConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Go to the services.msc of guest VM , you will be able to find 4 Hyper-v ........ services. It means the integration services are installed .
If you are able to use your mouse ,network and other Virtual devices ,its installed. Need not to worry about where you can see it as it will not be visible in appwiz.cpl .
If you are facing any issue on guest VM do let us know ?

This below mention link can help you to identify the integration services version .

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jambarAuthor Commented:
Ok I'll check it out and let you know.

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