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I have two fieds in a table:

Application Year
Appication Number

the Application Year is the last two digits of the year, such as "98","99","00","01",
the Applicaton Number is an eight digits number, such as "00000150", "00000151",

I am combining the two fields to create a new table with an unique field like :

Inspection Number: [Application Year] & " -" & [Application Number]

the issue that I am having is the the leading zeros for each of the fields are dropping and it looks like this "98-150", "0-151"

I need assitance be able to retail the leading zeros for each of the fields when I combine the two fields please.. I like to see it look like this : "98-00000151", "00-00000151",

I want the the year to retain the first two digits and the Application Number to be 8 digits.
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IrogSintaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Use the FORMAT function:
Format([Application Year] & [Application Number], "00-00000000")

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TonyEFConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
The only way for the FORMAT function to works for this senario is as follow:

Format([Application Year],"00") & Format([Application Number],"-00000000")
You're right, my mistake.  Looks like you figured it out. :-)
TonyEFAuthor Commented:
the answer of the expert was not completed...
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