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How to make your owned email address a reply to from an Iphone when Gmail is managing it

I have a 3rd party fully hosted email address and my company domain. I am using Gmail as the downloader like Outlook does. I made my owned email address the default email account in GMAIL instead of the gmail account and I can sign into gmail using my owned email address (not the gmail address) and get into my gmail account fine, and see all my company email in gmail as it downloads it. My problem is I tried to setup my Iphone using Gmail and the username as my owned email address (just like I login to the gmail site with my computer browser), but I get an invalid username or account. When I use the Gmail address of the same account where my owned email address is locked into, I can get in fine and see my email, but I need the reply to, to be my owned email address and not the Gmail.

I either:
1. Need to know how to get Gmail to work on the Iphone while signing in with my company domain email
2. Figure out how to set the REPLY TO email as my company domain email while using the GMAIL login on the IPHONE.

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