How to generate id with increment order on change of every course

I have the following table custuds with following structure
create table custuds(course varchar(200),sname varchar(200),fname varchar(200),
mname varchar(200),id bigint)

The sample data is attached.

The table is sorted on the basis of course, sname.
The id should be generated in such a way that at change of every course, the id should begin from 1
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PortletPaulConnect With a Mentor freelancerCommented:
ID of a table would typically be immutable (does not get changed) and simply "the next number" with NO algorithm based on other fields or sort sequence.

i.e. ID should simply provide a unique number for each row (full stop)

You can then always use a query to dynamically supply what you are asking for

select course,sname , fname , mname
, row_number() over (partition by course order by sname, fname , mname ) as rn
from custuds
where <<whatever>

see: row_number()
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