Output file field in Access report ?


    I have a file field in MS -access where I want to upload PDF or JPG image of a document. Is it possible to output this image in a access report ?
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Boyd (HiTechCoach) Trimmell, Microsoft Access MVPDesigner and DeveloperCommented:
Yes you can print image files on an Access report.
Vaibhavjoshi2005Author Commented:
I can put image files in access report but can I retrieve images in a query and put it in report ?
Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:
Lets slow down...
Have you already loaded the file into the field? Yes or No?
(If not, is this the focus of your question)

If so, then what is the datatype of this field?
OLE?, Attachment?, a link path, BLOB ?

What do you mean by "retrieve images in a query"?
You can create a query with the fields you need, then make a report from it.

What exactly will you be uploding to this field, PDF's or Jpg images, ...or both?

If you are uploading PDF files, I don't know of anyway to display them directly in a report.
The last time I tried this with a PDF viewer control the results were not consistent.   But things may be different now...

If you are loading jpg images to an attachment field, then yes, they will be viewable in the Report (or form)

I have had mixed results with OLE datatypes, but again, this may have changed.

If you are storing the Path to the image (and not the file itself, you can display the image in a Report with something like the attached file.

If you are storing the path to a PDF, then I have found no way to display it in a Report. You can however display it in a Form using the WebBrowser control...

So as you can see you need to very clear hear on what you will be doing and why...

Hope this helps
Vaibhavjoshi2005Author Commented:
I plan to load PDF document in the attachment field. The pdf maybe purely text or text + image or only image, but it will always be stored as PDF.

Now I want to output this PDF in the report.
Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:
As far as I know this is not possible in a report
All that will show in the report is the PDF icon

If you could use a form and store the "Full File name" (instead of storing the file as an attachment), then this is tricky, but doable if you are very good at VBA.

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