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Greetings experts,

   I took on a client today that has Microsoft VPN tunnels between two offices several miles apart. They claim the VPN worked until a few weeks ago.

   Their gateway is a D-Link Wireless Router Model DIR-615. It has PPTP configured as a Virtual Server to pass through to the Server's IP address over port 1723, and under Application Level Gateway both PPTP and IPsec are checked.

   I have restarted Routing and Remote Access, Restarted IIS, and even installed all the Windows updates and restarted the server itself.

  From an internal client, I can connect to the VPN without issues. Once I move to the WAN, I get the 800 error if I connect with the client Security Type of VPN set to Auto. When I force it to use PPTP, I get error 807.

  Using canyouseeme.org from the server, it says port 1723 is open.

  I created my own admin account and used those credentials to make sure it wasn't an authentication issue, and still can't connect.

What am I missing here?
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What type of authentication is being used?  Are you seeing any errors in the event log on the server? I've often experienced problems with authentication in these circumstances, because the router is not configured to pass the GRE protocol to the server for AD authentication.



  So tonight, I can connect to it with a Windows XP client using default client settings. However, Windows 7 cannot connect. What now?
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AN 800 error means not handshaking at all.  The client cannot access, or possibly locate the VPN server.  I would address that in that it could be a server issue except when you set it to PPTP you get 807, and another machine can connect.
An 807 error would more likely indicate a client issue.  807 errors are very often caused by security software on the connecting client blocking access.  Do you have any security applications installed on the Win 7 machines such as AVG, Trend Micro, Symantec....?


I must have tinkered enough with the DLink Router, because all is working now. Thanks for the suggestions.


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for the following reason:

The PPTP protocol was getting blocked at the router, even though PPTP and IPsec were allowed in the VPN pass through. Must have been in the firmware, as I updated it and it is working now.

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