how to find bcc in zimbra

Dear Experts:

How to find the mail received in the inbox as bcc to others as well in zimbra mail server

Thanks in advance.
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Daniel McAllisterPresident, IT4SOHO, LLCCommented:
Regardless of the mail server type, there will be headers in the message that will identify both who it was addressed to, and who it was "delivered to".

For bcc recipients, you will see one of the the recipients in the header listed as "undisclosed-recipient"

So, the key is to look at the full header...

I hope this helps!

D_wathiAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much, can you please tell how to identify who all are the users for the "undisclosed-recipient", my management needs this.
If you received the e-mail, the BCC list is not included ("undisclosed-recipient") and will not be revealed to you -- otherwise what would be the purpose of having the bcc option if all recipients could look at said list?
If you are sender, well...obvious you can see the list.
PS: Tell your manager that he himself would not like to send an e-mail and have all recipients being able to see all the other to whom the e-mail was sent.
Daniel McAllisterPresident, IT4SOHO, LLCCommented:
The whole point of a blind copy is that the recipient list is not sent with the message.

Let me illustrate:
 - When you list 10 people on the TO line, the header in the file creates 10 separate TO: lines -- one for each recipient.
 - Some brilliant computer scientist (probably in management) suggested at some time in the past that there should be a CC (because that's what you do with paper letters)... but in e-mail, the CC users are treated EXACTLY like the TO: entries.

Now with both of these types of addressing mechanisms, ALL of the TO: and CC: recipients are listed in the header. Note that each header actually gets one more line "Delivered To:" that tells you which of the entries on TO: or CC: got the message to you!

Ever get 2 copies of the same message because the sender addressed it directly to you AND sent it to a group list that you're also on? Well, the headers on the 2 messages will be different only in that one will say "Delivered To: you" and the other will say "Delivered To: group".

So then along comes the idea of a BCC. This is an electronic version of supplying paper copies of your memo to people NOT on the cc: list! Just as there is no way to know who got these "unofficial" copies with paper memos, there is no way for recipients to track down who else received a copy of a message via the BCC mechanism.

Now, if you're on the SERVER side of things, your server's log file should be able to show you who ALL of the recipients were -- if not directly, then by inference.
 - MY log files show that each outbound message gets an ID
 - MY log files show each outbound connection, the message ID being delivered, the address(es) it was delivered to with that connection, and the result (success/failure) of the transmission.

With the message ID and a little searching, you should be able to track down all of the recipients -- but this works ONLY on the mail server of the SENDER. No (external) recipient can get this kind of information -- by design!

I hope this helps...


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