Resize Drive SB 2011 Essentials

I need to resize the c: drive in test server with Microsoft SB 2011 Essentials. The server has two 500 Gb disks and is in raid 0. What software is recommended to use.
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Backup. Repalce the original disks with the new, larger disks and setup the array. Restore.

You could use the OS's builtin backup utility. Another tool would be CloneZilla or G4U, both of which are included on the PartedMagic LiveCD.:

A commercial Product would be Paragon's hard-disk manager, which you can install within your OS:

I don't recommend using RAID 0, as that gives you 0 redundancy. You should rather use RAID 1. That way one disk can fail without data loss. But you will need twice as large disks to get the same capacity as with RAID 0.

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Well if I did understand you correctly you just want to make the c:\ volume smaller so that you can have more space on the data partition?
I'm not sure if this works in a RAID setup as well but you should be able to do it with system integrated tools.
Open the Server-Manager and expand the "Storage" option.
Go to disk management.
rightclick on (C:) and choose downsize (or similar meaning).
This should do it.

Prior to retiring, I wrote a bunch of CMD files to create and move apps and data from one server to another, this was done over 200 times.

Based on my experience sounds like you are headed in the right direction, make the c:\ drive your system drive, allocate enough space for you OS, with some room to grow (for SP's, fixes, etc. and setup d: as a data and/or application drive.

Doing this will make restoring a system a lot easier than if you put it all together and separate partitions w/o regard to what files are going where.

To answer your question,  use MS SBS - MMC - Disk management to resize your disks, after you have your backups ready (make absolutely sure your bkups will restore properly). There are other softwares available e.g. Acronis is notable, But you should be able to justify why you would need software albeit not as flexible as the software that comes with the Server.

If you need more information please ask...Thx REY MCSE
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