DNS / DHCP Not running on the Server


I have a Small Business Server 2011 which has been working fine. However, the client has had a new phone system installed which uses VOIP and they have installed it on the same bradband line the server uses to connect to the internet.

The problem is that in order for the phones to work the router has to be the DHCP and DNS Server. I have therefore had to stop both these services on the Server. I have pointed the DNS on the Server to the router but I am having intermittent propblems with Exchange.

I know this is not an ideal setup and I have said that the server should be the DNS and DHCP Server.

Will I continue to have problems or should it be okay?
Optima SystemsNetwork EngineerAsked:
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Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
You will have problems as the DNS server will not be AD integrated.
Why does the router need to be the DHCP and DNS server? If it is simply to ensure the correct information is handed out, then that can be achieved with reservations which can mean the phones get different settings to the computers.

The supplier needs to be pushed back - this sounds like a solution that is easy for them, and does't take in to acocunt the needs of the customer.


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If you have an AD environment you will have problems if DNS is not running on your server.

You can get away with not using DHCP from the windows server but not DNS.

We have a similar setup, we put the phones and the IP phone system in it's own VLAN so that it was able to use it's own DHCP and DNS and not interfere with the rest of our environment.  The phone provider should be able to do this although it may mean some new switching if your current ones can't do VLANs.
Optima SystemsNetwork EngineerAuthor Commented:
Thanks for confirming what I had thought and giving a possible solution as I believe there is a CISCO firewall there which the phone company installed. It will be possible to split the LAN using that.
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