When trying to set a foreign key in PHPMyAdmin, I'm getting "no index defined!" for the column I'm trying to relate to another table.

Any ideas what the problem could be?  Thanks.
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Ray PaseurCommented:
Uhh, is there an index on the table in the column you're trying to use?  Maybe if you post the CREATE TABLE statement and tell us a little more about the application we could offer more specific suggestions.
LB1234Author Commented:
Hi Ray, there are two columns in question: the user_id column from the users table and a transaction table with a columned called user_id (which I'd like to link to the users table.  I'm see this when i try to use the drop down (giving me a drop down for a table on which I do not want to set up a foreign key "id" and saying "no index defined" for the one on which I do "user_id."

screen shot
Ray PaseurCommented:
Let me suggest a slightly different design that I think will give you some more power and flexibility in your data base.  Create a junction table, something like this:

Open in new window

The table would be used to relate the users to the transactions, thus creating a many-to-many relationship. The tod column would enable you to see the last time that this user and this transaction interacted.  I think if you give some thought to the SELECT queries you will find that this can create a very efficient reporting design with all kinds of valuable historical data searches.

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