Library Sorting

I've been annoyed by this for a long time but am just now researching it.

In reference to the Libraries - Documents, Videos, Music, et cetera ...
When I set the Sort By in one library the other libraries sort the same way.
And it's not always apparent right away - it may be the next time I'm looking at files that the sort order of ALL libraries has changed to the setting that I made last.

And additionally - it seems that some libraries are immune from this.
Music, Pictures, Videos seem to be immune.

I could live with this if Documents was also immune but when I set the sort order of my Downloads Library (I made a downloads library) that eventually affects the sort order of the Documents Library. Then when I change the Documents Sort By back to name the Sort By in Downloads changes to name as well.

You guys noticed this?
Any help?

Thanks a lot!
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MereteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi  dgrafx
this is a can of worms lol, ok as simply as I can, windows has two sections one is Libraries Docs Video you can see it at hte top of explorer< these are windows libraries linking to your user account My Documents My Pictures My Videos, get it
So the settings in Libraries and the settings in My Documents differ or the library folder Videos verses My Video
Library folder Music verses My Music Library folder Pictures verses My Pictures, the "MY" being the emphasis.
Understanding the Libraries Feature in Windows 7
refs to>
And additionally - it seems that some libraries are immune from this.
Music, Pictures, Videos seem to be immune
<< these are the folders you share when enabled, if you tick all of them you'll see them in the public folders
Homegroup sharingAlternatively right click the empty space in any of your My Pictures My Videos My Music etc and sort by  at the bottom add more

Does that help?
dgrafxAuthor Commented:
Thanks for replying
Let me say the following

I thought I was sorting folder vs sorting library - but what I did was expand the library by clicking the arrow next to it then clicking the folder under it. But I guess that was still the library and not really the folder.
But now I went to the folder itself navigating through the drives d:\Users\folder ya know and it seems to work!

Let me give it a bit to make sure it doesn't come back to bite me ...

Sounds right, I dont use the libraries as it adds loading time, what I did is simply create a new folder in My Documents for My Videos My Music and My Pictures created a shortcut and dragged them to the desktop
When I open a library folder
librariesNo Folders have been includedI dont really see the sense in adding folders to libraries.
dgrafxAuthor Commented:
well - windows is trying to serve them all the time so I go with the flow ...
and i only have 1 folder per library unless as in the case of videos i have folders from different drives an so the video library just shows them all to me as if they were all in the same folder.
i like it
but anyway - thanks for your help.
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