Cant build a link between unbound forms

I have created a big form in access. It has 1 main form at header and 13 pages which host various subforms. I want to add few more subforms and with that the form width will become very big. Since I don’t want this to happen I decided to add tab control within a page.
I then quickly learned that tab control within a page is not possible. So I need to create a separate subform with tab control and then add such subform onto a page. Which promptly I did. So now in a way I want to show records only in the table which belongs to primary key of top header level table.
When on this subform I tried to click on “Link master Fields” it gives me error “ Cant build a link between unbound forms”
How can I overcome this ?
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Vaibhavjoshi2005Author Commented:
In a way I am looking to link a

Main form --> page --> subform on page which has tab order --> table on one of the tab .
Dale FyeCommented:
One way would be to give the subform a recordsource that only includes the PK from the same recordset as the main form.  This would allow you to link the subform to the main form and the sub-subform to the subform.

Another way would be to have the recordsource for the sub-sub-form refer to the linking field on the main form:

Select * FROM someTable WHERE [somefield] = Forms!mainform![PKField]

The down side of this 2nd method is that you would actually have to requery the sub-sub-form in the Current event of the main form.

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Jim Dettman (Microsoft MVP/ EE MVE)President / OwnerCommented:
If your main form is truly unbound (no recordsource set), then your master link will be a reference to a control on the parent form that contains the key to filter by (hidden text control, combo box, list control, etc).

 You would then only requery the sub-forms when the tab page it is on becomes visible.

 Your other option is to set the subforms recordsource each time the tab page becomes visible, but I think that's the wrong way to go.

Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:

<I have created a big form in access. It has 1 main form at header and 13 pages which host various subforms. I want to add few more subforms>

...Every time I hear of a design like this, I sometimes wonder why the form cannot be simplified...

So while I do understand the allure of giving the user an expansive view of the data, I also keep in mind performance issues and the possible confusion this type of interface might present for some users...

Multiple levels of forms, and multiple subform will always slow down performance.
Then invariably questions about data "not updating" will arise as designs like this become more complex...

Again, just an aside...

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