VFP 9 Server Windows 7 Pro with XP as a client speed issue

I have an issue with our VFP 9 application, It was running on the network with both machines the server and client running XP pro. Well the old server machine died so he decided to buy a windows 7 machine (2.4 quad core, 12gb DDR3 ram, 64-bit OS). The application runs great when he is the only user logged in, but as soon as the XP computer opens the program it slows to a crawl. We have tried turning off SMB2, checking all permissions, running in compatibility mode. Before he goes out and buys a new Windows 7 pro machine, does anyone have any other suggestions i can try to make this application run as fast as it did when both machines were xp pro.

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I would upgrade the XP machine to use CredSSP, there maybe some switching occurring that is causing issues with this.  There are 2 parts to the install, one updates RDP and the other is CredSSP.  Make sure you install both.  Also, make sure all machines are only using IPv4 NOT IPv6.

You must have CredSSP to allow windows XP to connect to windows 7 or XP secuely:



More info:



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This is obvious Windows 7 behavior. I cannot say why it is slower than XP but that's the fact...

Windows 7 license prohibits server usage of this OS so maybe Microsoft is slowing the access down intentionally...  You should rather go W2008 or W2012 way with appropriate number of client licenses.

What else could you check if you are sure SMB2 isn't the issue:
- Anti virus settings (remove data folders from virus checks)
- Make sure VFP temp files are going to the local drive
- Make sure the code page for the DBF and CDX match
- Execute the application from local drive not from the server folder
- All VFP run-time libraries (the latest version) must be on the local PC

Does your app work slowly when you execute it from VFP IDE ?

Update: You should also turn oplocks off on the server. More info: http://fox.wikis.com/wc.dll?Wiki~OpportunisticLocking
A Windows 7 box is Not a SERVER.  
As Pavel has said above:   Windows 7 license prohibits server usage of this OS
It is a workstation-level machine being used as a 'server' and subject to all of its workstation OS limitations.

Before considering the purchase of another Windows 7 machine, think about buying a 'real' Server with Win 2008 or better.  

Keep in mind that if this application is BUSINESS CRITICAL, not prioritizing the budget accordingly will result in reduced operational effectiveness.

Good Luck
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Of course, we(?) should clarify what is the "server usage". OK, Microsoft should clarify. How many users can access shared folder on W7 PC ? How many users can access the SQL Server Express installed on the W7 OS? May we use SQL Server Standard?  Is this SQL Server usage under W7 legal? Etc. etc.

Regarding W2008... I would test it first.  I've seen questions asking "Why is my VFP 9 app so slow on W 2008?" ...

Configuration and tuning is very important today.
TristanHowlandAuthor Commented:
Thanks everyone for their help with this issue. The trick was having ipv6 turned off, as soon as i disabled that it worked as usual without speed being impaired.

This was is just a temporary fix for them until they could get a server OS installed and configured.
TristanHowlandAuthor Commented:
ipv6 was the issue! Thanks!
Good to know. Thanks!
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