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Programs Taken Over by Java

An Acer laptop running Windows 7 hp 64bit seems to have a lot of its programs associated with the java application so that they open that rather the original program. It's affected programs like MS Office, Malwarebytes and lots (but not all) programs.

Is there a utility that can reset things in one go or do i have to plod through them one by one?
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Do you have a system restore point before the problem occurred?

If so, system restore (if it works) is the quickest and easiest solution.
Alfaro--What exactly is happening.  Is the Java Console opening when you click to start Word, etc.?
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I've tried the second one and it made no difference. I' must trying system restore and if that doesn't work then I'll try the first suggestion.
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The first solution also made no difference. I think something has really messed up Windows. You can't even go through the programs one by one as they still revert to the same program. Even uninstalling Java didn't help, it just asks what program you want to use and that then takes over all the programs. If you untick the box that applies this to all such programs then nothing is changed..
What happens in safe mode?  The same?

Could you scan your computer with Malwarebytes antimalware from safe mode?
Looks like a corrupt user account

Create a new user account in control panel- reboot - login under the new user account and check.

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Hold hard.. I spoke to soon. The above link to

did the job when I ran the link association. It was just the links I needed to fix...

Great. You got it working.  :-)