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I am having a problem where a client is sometimes double clicking on a button on my web app page and this is causing two entries in my database. I've found a few long winded approaches to solving this, anyone got a simple up to date solution?

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käµfm³d 👽Commented:
Disable the button via Javascript during the click event, perhaps?
I think every developer faces this issue sometime. As mentioned by @Kaufmed disabling the button is one way. Here's an example.

- In addition, I sometimes add a overlay message informing the user something is being process and block the entire screen.

- I have seen certain websites explicitly informing user to click the button only once.
Johny BravoCommented:
A simple approach might be, check it in your stored procedure
Create procedure addData
@name varchar(50),
@add varchar(50),
@email varchar(50)
If Not exists(select * from yourtable where name != @name and email != @email)
insert into yourtable (----------)


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Monica PSoftware DeveloperCommented:

Check this :

You can make use of  OnClientClick and UseSubmitBehavior properties of the button control. There are other methods, involving code on the server side to add attributes,
Paulmc999Author Commented:
The DB INSERT solution was the neatest to implement and fixed problem immediately. Thanks guys.
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