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Programmatic control of which modules are displayed on a page in Joomla 3.1

I am trying to figure out a way to control which module is displayed in a given position on a given page in Joomla 3.1.  What I want to do is as follows;

Have one module that displays three buttons (labeled A, B, C for the sake of argument), and for these buttons to control which of three other modules (let's call them module 1, module 2, and module 3) is displayed in a different position on the page.

So assuming for sake of argument that the module with the buttons is in position 2 (as defined in the template) and I have another module position defined as position 7 (for example), is there a way for the module displayed in position 7 to be determined by which button is pressed in the module displayed in position 2.

The result would be that if button A is pressed, module 1 would be displayed in position 7, if button B were pressed module 2 would be displayed in position 7, and if button C were pressed, module 3 would be displayed in position 7.

I can think of a way of doing this (I think) by having three separate pages, identical but for the module assigned to position 7, with each button linking to a different page, but that seems an unsophisitcaed way to do things.

I've been digging around online to find something like this but I can't find anything that even points me in the right direction.  It may not be possible but I am not familiar enough with Joomla to figure out whether it is or not.
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that's not how Joomla works.
the modules are loaded when the page is displayed - there is also the consideration of the caching side of joomla then the modules you be preloaded.
if you have a page on display and you press a button it cant load a new module it would have to refresh the page and reload the page  with the different module but the modiles are defined  at start up.
your idea of 3 separate pages would be the answer.
gpeaxcelAuthor Commented:
OK Thanks for this perspective.  I had a feeling that this would be the case but had hoped there might be some way to achieve what I was looking for.   Doing it without the need for a page refresh would be good but I can see why that's not feasible the way I was thinking of it.  I will continue to dig around and see if there are other creative approaches I can come up with but in the mean time will go with the three separate pages approach.
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