Currently working on the design of a remote office where 5 architects will be working sharing a Revit model with HQ.

Looking for insight on the following alternatives, Revit Server, Riverbed, Silverpeak.

Any feedback will be much appreciated.
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surbabu140977Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Please note L/H/M models are not different hardware, but license upgrade. So if you go with 250L, you can upgrade to 250M and 250H in the same hardware.

The models without L/M/H are out of support, I guess. For 6 people, you should start with the lowest model available (my suggestion, get verified by Riverbed pls). The way to calculate is (no of people x connections reqd) i.e if  6 people even if requiring 3 connections per head will be 18 connections total at any point of time.  So 250L would suffice. If required, can be upgraded to M or H for investment protection in future.

I have worked in RiverBed. The 2 advantages are 1)very good tac support and 2) very much simple to learn and to operate from zero knowledge. To be truthful,  Riverbed is a "wan optimization" solution although it is marketed as "wan accelerator".

I guess Riverbed is suing SilverPeak for infringing some of their patents. :) But that by any way should not cloud any judgement and may be irrelevant in decision making.

Although am neutral but I have seen a few hundred riverbed device with our clients and none till date spoke against it.

mmcodefiveAuthor Commented:
Have you seen this configured with Revit or any Autodesk products?

What model would you recommend for a 6 people office at a remote office, opening files 100MB or larger over a 50Mpbs fiber Internet VPN tunnel (not point to point MPLS).
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Nope I have not worked physically on those 2 devices but have heard good/bad comments. Would not speak for/against some products which I have not worked upon.

You can look at the attached file for the model name and capacity. However it is strongly recommended to call up the Riverbed guys and state your requirement exactly to get an appropriate model recommendation from them.

mmcodefiveAuthor Commented:
Thank you for all your help
Both Silver Peak and Riverbed can help with HTTP; prepopulating a cache has had some unexpected side effects. Packet loss can have an impact as well on throughput. Silver Peak's real-time loss correction has been shown to make a big difference here.

The bigger issue, though, is less about performance than about cost of ownership and other features. Silver Peak requires no tuning, no app plug-ins. Take it out of the box and it just works. You'll need to play more with your Riverbed.

Are you looking for a complete APM solution? Riverbed is probably a better bet (oh, yeah, I'm a Silver Peak guy).

What other apps will you have to optimize? Both of us support TCP/UDP...Silver Peak has had UDP for about 6 more years so it's more robust, as well as support for proprietary and encapsulated apps.

And then there's cost.  Over five years Silver Peak will about half the cost of a Riverbed. This has to do with Silver Peak's  use of off-the-shelf hardware (and not proprietary appliances) lower sparing costs, and as surbabu140977 pointed out, inexpensive upgrade path. With Riverbed you can only upgrade within a family after which you must repurchase your hardware.Given the limited session support this can happen pretty frequently. It's a non-issue for Silver Peak.
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