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RDP on a server 2008R2

We have a child server in our domain and when I go to RDP into it from within the domain it kicks me out. Now when I go to server Roles remote desktop Gateway is not added. and ADS Host is not added as well. which one do I need to be able to remote into this server?
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Such issues are sometomes related to Corrupt profile. If you are able to login using any other account or any other domain account, which has Administrative right on the server, Delete the user profile which is facing this issue. Then check if you can log in.
Sometimes this can be disk space issue as well on OS partition.
Under Terminal Services Configuration delete the existing RPD-tcp connection and re-create it rather than deleting the user profile.
Are you connecting to the server to administer or are you using it as a terminal server? If you just administering, you need only enable remote connections. Setting it up as a terminal server is more involved and requires licensing.

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Im using remote desktop from the DC server to the secondary server. Im connecting to the server as Asministrator.TO enable remote connections Do i have to do it trough server roles?
No.... computer properties
ok i go to computer properties and go to remote settings. and everything is grayed out.
Even under the "remote desktop settings" ? If so, then there is a domain policy that is blocking you.
I just noticed that when I remote into the 2008 server the Remote desktop service stops. Do you think the service can be corrupted.
it has sp1 installed and I'm reading online that SP1 can be the issue
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I tool a look in the event log and every time i tried to RDP into the server it would give a event id 1000 svchost_termService.

I found a article that looks promising and i'm going to try it.
Looks like a lot of fun.... keep me posted.