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Toshiba E-Studio Save to File Setup on Linux with Samba

Dear Experts,

I can't seem to get my Toshiba copier to save scanned documents to my Linux shared drive. This was not a problem when it was initially setup to save to a  Windows Server 2003 folder. The scan logs keeps having issue with network destination but I can confirm that the network path exists and I'm able to access it from my Win7 client machine.

Linux Debian Environment/Settings:
Server IP:
Gateway: (router)
Assigned DNS role
Assigned file server role with SAMBA configured

Toshiba Settings:
Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:
Linux user name: toshiba
Assigned Linux usergroup: ToshibaCopier

Linux Share Settings:
Linux path: /home/scan
Linux directory permission: 775
Windows path: \\\Scanned Document
Owner: root
Group: ToshibaCopier

Can you please help point me in the right direction?

Many thanks in advance,
Ronniel Allan Castanito
Ronniel Allan Castanito
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1 Solution
Ironic, because the Toshiba is actually running Linux and Samba.
Only thing I can think of offhand, try removing the space from the folder name and making it all lower case.
I can try this later on when I'm in the office.
What do the samba logs say?
Ronniel Allan CastanitoIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
Hi wyliecoyoteuk, thanks for your reply. I don't see any errors referencing the Toshiba.
I changed the folder name as you suggested, without the spacing and all in lower case but still   same issue. Still says "Failed to connect to network destination. Check destination path".
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Have you tried using the full user name?

i.e. domainname\username or computername\username

e.g.\toshiba (or probably better, linuxhostname\toshiba)

or toshiba@ or toshiba@hostname
Ronniel Allan CastanitoIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
Still no luck with your suggested entries. Any other ideas?
All of your settings look correct.
If you log in to a windows PC with the toshiba username, can you browse to the share?
A workaround might be to use FTP.
I haven't had an opportunity to try it on a Linux box myself, but I have done Ricohs and Sharps in the past with no problem.
You could try enabling the "allow users to select network path" and see if they can browse the share that way.
Ronniel Allan CastanitoIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
When you say "log into a windows PC with the toshiba username", you mean something like something similar to login into a domain? My Samber server isn't configure as a domain controller. Can you please clarify what you mean? Thank you.
Ronniel Allan CastanitoIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
Found the problem. I didn't create a toshiba samba user.  Thanks... User issue was spot on.
I meant to login to a PC and connect to the share with the toshiba user (as the user has to exist in samba, and usually in the windows domain too). This is a standard way of troubleshooting share permissions.
Glad you sorted it.
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