Tivoli Storage Manager Storage Agent / Administration Center, Tivoli Integrated Portal, and Tivoli Common Reporting

Hi again...;)

Do I have to install this package Tivoli Storage Manager Storage Agent ?
Is it part of TSM server?

And  Administration Center, Tivoli Integrated Portal, and Tivoli Common Reporting? Is it free?
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woolmilkporcConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The Storage Agent is an agent for LAN-free backups.
Such an agent has its own drives and direct access to SAN disks, but needs a "Master" TSM server holding the database and the policies. It's not really free, you need a PVU- or volume-based license just as you do for a server or a client.

The Admin Center is the server's GUI. Install it if you are GUI addict. I don't have it installed (OK, for a few weeks, but then I trashed it. I'm not a GUI person at all).

The Portal is the framework which is needed to run the Admin Center. It provides the web interface, navigation panels etc.

The latter two are (afaik) free if you have purchased a TSM server.

Common Reporting ships as an add-on to many Tivoli products. It's based on the middleware platform "JazzSM".

I assume that it's free if you have any of the supported Tivoli products (like TSM) licensed, but Im not sure.
Seems it's a quite elaborate product. I never used it.

Here is more:
sminfoAuthor Commented:
OK... I will create a new question now!!.. be ready!
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