Access a none COM dll with VBA

Hi, our users would like to access a .NET none COM DLL with VBA. What is the best way for us to proceed? We do not have access to the DLL so it can not be recompiled.
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leonstrykerConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
So, the solution appears to be to convert Array of Arrays (

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) into Multidimensional Arrays (
object[ , ]

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). This is a pain, especially in the situations where a function is expecting a an Array or Arrays as an input.
leonstrykerAuthor Commented:
For that to work the DLL has to be COM compliant. I have actually created a wrapper DLL just so, but have issues passing through arrays. I will be trying the methods suggested here

any other suggestions are welcome.

leonstrykerAuthor Commented:
Provided solution to my own question
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