Syria - Should the United States become involved?

This forum has been quiet as of late so I thought I'd attempt to breathe some life back into it :)

With the accusations of chemical warfare being used by the Syrian government, it looks as if the US is preparing an attack. Question is, should the US really be involved in this conflict?

I'm on the fence with this one and am curious on what others think.
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Anthony RussoCommented:
Part of me just wishes we could stay out of it and let that entire section of the world fight among themselves. I honestly am tired of their centuries of religious squabbles and power grabs. The best we can ever hope for is the lesser of the two evils to be in power at any given time.

However we live in reality and if people are being slaughtered, it is our place to defend the people. The problem is who is going to step into power when we remove who is there now? A democratic election? Ideally yes, but Egypt showed that isn't always the answer.

(Good to see something in this zone again. Hope to connect back with some old friends.)
Big MontySenior Web Developer / CEO of Author Commented:
I was the same way up to recently, I'd hate to get into another war, especially one that doesn't affect us directly, but the whole morality aspect of it kind of forces us into it. Then I read somewhere that the rebel forces are mostly made up of al quaida wannabees, and this makes me think, do we really want to get in the middle of these 2 evil forces? why not let them kill each other?

then you get the video images from a few weeks ago of all the innocent people killed or dying and maes me re-evaluate everything all over again......

hopefully  more folks get involved, I'd really like to hear their opinions as well.
The United States was already involved, since for years it tolerated the Assad regime in Syria, both father and son, in order to have some sort of stability in the Middle East.

The real problem is that the US's foreign policy in this area has been for years an unconditional acceptance that Israel was always right. It thas subsequently interfered with the politics in the neighbouring countries in such a way as it though that it was "preserving" Israel. The Israelis, for their part, have continually refused to accept that they are part of the Middle East and must eventually come to some sort of raprochement with their neighbours. But so long as their neighbours are either controlled, or their dictators supported or even just tolerated, the peoples of the Middle East will not come to terms with Israel. The argument has always been that the "arabs" (as if that were the only type of people who lived there) were hell bent on the destruction os Israel (as if they had no other interests).

The recent revolutions in the surrounding countries have shown, that once democratic elections are allowed to take place the "vitriol" against Israel seems to have disappeared.  We have not seen the armies marching to invade Israel.

And it is precisely for this reason why the US should intervene in Syria. These countries must be allowed to find their own destiny. The dictators and hate preachers must be done away with. The destruction of the Assad regime *may* result in an orthodox islamic republic, but I suspect that even if that actually happened (which it hasn't elsewhere) I don't see them continually supporting Hezzbollah nor Kow-Towing to the Mullahs in Iran.

One of the big mistakes that America made in the fifties was to assume that all communists looked to Moscow. The US spend millions in Europe alone with anti-communist propaganda - undoing the great work of winning the war - but when the communists got into power in France and Italy, one saw that Moscow was the last place they looked to. Freely elected politicians are nobody's puppets, as even the Moslem Brotherhood in Egypt has shown.

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Anthony RussoCommented:
Good to hear from you again BigRat. Good analysis of the situation as well.
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