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redirect anything else as images files for subdomain?

Hi experts,

I would like to create a redirect rule for my htaccess which redirects a subdomain from for example images.domainname.com to www.domainame.com if the files which is called is anything else as an image (jpg/png/gif)

The same for a subdomain scripts (css,js)

The backgorund is that I use a cdn server with several subdomains but google start indexing my subdomains now via the cdn servers. I want to prevent google from scanning at all the subdomains since they contain only images and scripts.

thanks for your help
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8/22/2022 - Mon

Blocking Google from finding your images/scripts will likely do more harm than good.

If there are parts of your site that you do not want search robots to access then you should do it with robots.txt, not .htaccess.

all you need is:

User-agent: *
Disallow: /images/
Disallow: /js/
Disallow: /css/


I guess both of you did not understand/read my question well.

@GaryC123: I don't want to block google from my images/scripts, I want to prevent double indexing for separate subdomains. Of course the main domain is normal indexed including all images and scripts. With other words I want that www.domain.com is indexed but not sub.domain.com

@COBOLdinosour: You cant define in robot.txt the subdomains and there for cant separate anything. if I disallow global in my robot.txt images, scripts etc. would not help because I want only prevent SUBDOMAINS from being indexed.

Since there isn't any real folder for the subdomain like I cant place a different robots.txt inside the subdomain either. The subdomains are only CNAME host entries for our cdn server.
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Tony McCreath

Wouldn't redirecting from the cdn urls defeat the point of having a cdn?

@Tiggerito: Where did I say that the CDN redirect to anything? The subdomains are simple redirects to the cdn servers. the cdn either call the file from original www or have the file cached already. there is no redirecting for the cdns of course. this was not about the cdn or redirection but only to prevent google from scanning the new subdomains created for the cdns.

the point is that google found the subdomans and started to scan my content via this subdomains but the only reason this subdomains exist is for me to use sub.domain.com instead of 234234423server.cdn.com.

anyway solved with the above solution. now google and other search engines get served a different robots.txt on subdomains as for www and lojas.
Tony McCreath

No worries, I just picked up on "I use a cdn server with several subdomains" and then you are redirecting from those subdomains.
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Solved it!