Fortigate 310B Entry Not Found


I get the error "Entry not found" when I try to edit an ipsec phase 2 entry in the Fortigate's Web GUI. Most likely caused by it's naming, the entry has a forward slash "/", which no other entry has.

I want to edit the name for the entry which is done by using the CLI and I'm pretty new at that. Trying to read the Fortinet CLI guide but not getting it fast enough. Could someone point me in the right direction of editing the Phase 2 entry's name.

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Garry GlendownConsulting and Network/Security SpecialistCommented:
First of all, renaming isn't possible AFAIK. You will have to create a new entry to get a different name.
Most likely, something like this should work:

[if VDOMs are used:
conf vdom
conf vpn ipsec phase2-interface   [*may also be just phase2 if you're not using interface mode]
show [to display the entries]
[ copy and paste the lines from the entry to be "renamed" ]

Once done, change all the references to the old name ... when using interface mode, you will most likely have to move all the policies over ... on the GUI, again, this can not be done without creating new entries ... on the gui, you can change the interface (albeit, firewall name entries may need to be changed to "any" interface prior to doing this if they are linked to the specific entry) by doing something like this:

[again, vdom selection of course if used]
conf firewall policy

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LenblockAuthor Commented:

Thanks for the response.

The phase2 entry had no references, and that probably made it a bit easier. Something I should have mentioned in my first post.

What i did:
Copied the phase2 info from phase1 parent in web GUI.

Deleted pase2: (Could not be deleted in GUI, got error)
config vpn ipsec phase2
delete phase2.somename

Recreated the phase2 in gui, tested and it worked.

LenblockAuthor Commented:
Deleting and recreating the VPN was an easier solution as the phase2 entry had no references.
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